What We Do


Getting good advice could make a real difference to achieving funding goals. We introduce our clients to regulated financiers, who help to match our clients’ needs with ideal funding solutions.

Every project is unique; hence the requirement, documentation and process are very different.

Financiers are willing to put a good funding package together for presentation to Family Offices, investors, Private Banks and specialist lenders.

However, our clients must be aware of the extensive and rigorous due diligence required by the financiers.

To avoid risk of failure to secure funding, the client must provide evidence as detailed within the pre-qualification criteria set by the financiers.


We engage with global financiers who are qualified and experienced to help our clients navigate the financial implications during all stages of achieving their financial objectives.

Essentially, our financiers will study and understand the vision and funding requirement of our clients; They will analyse all the financial options to ensure our clients have the best solution; a solution that is affordable; a solution right for their business needs; a solution that is deliverable and a solution with defined exit strategy.

Our financiers are highly trained financial intermediary with competence in diverse business sectors both in the UK and International. They have demonstrable and solid track record spanning over 20 years.

  • leverage buyouts
  • acquisitions
  • recapitalisation
  • Joint ventures
  • Seed-stage ventures capital
  • Restructuring
  • Strategic private and public equity investments

The Financiers are experienced and can assist our clients in sourcing the below forms of funding:

Bill of Exchange
Debt funding
Development funding
Equity Funding
Equipment/Machinery funding
Infrastructure (SPV) funding
Private Public Partnerships
Trade Finance
Other structured instruments

Our financiers’ source global funds and work with corporate bodies and financial institutions, representing the funding gap between global leading investors and financial institutions. These include government agencies working on projects and looking for funding in Asia and the Asia continent.

Our Financers have done extensive work in Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Middle East, Caribbean and Africa.

Our financiers have great understanding of financial instruments and some of their derivatives, coupled with versatility on infrastructure project financing.

Our financiers’ passion is in wealth creation and social development in terms of attaining financial prosperity and economic transformation for our clients.

Many of our Financiers have qualification in finance and strategic management and some of them are members of financial intermediaries and broker association (FIBA)UK and many other professional bodies.

Our Financiers are independent, their advice is always based on our clients’ specific requirements. Their relationship with our clients is not just a one-off service but is an ongoing relationship to ensure that the products they arranged still suit our clients ever changing circumstances.

Our financiers work in a wholistic way. They keep tabs on what’s going on in the finance market. New funding products are emerging all the time. So, when that happens, our financiers pass that knowledge on to our clients.

Our Clients

We are a friendly team. We work on personal approach and aim to provide a prompt and professional service.